Articles by Sundeep Kumar Kavanal Radesh

Sundeep Radesh is a graduate of the University of Leeds, UK. After his Masters in International Journalism at the red brick university, he was Magazine Editor of an international magazine based out of Dubai, UAE. He then worked in Copenhagen, Denmark, as Erhvervs - og Økonomiredaktionen (Business and Economy Editorial Staff).

Trump Baby Balloon

UK Scientists Say Trump Risking UK National Security

The letter, detailing a desperate plea to Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May urging her to challenge her American counterpart, Donald Trump, on climate change cited the U.K. government’s “National Security Strategy and Strategic Defence and Security Review.”
Marijuana leaf and bud

Oklahoma Votes To Legalize Medicinal Cannabis

The new law proposed is rather broad. It allows for the growing, selling and using of marijuana for medicinal reasons by individuals who are 18 or older. More importantly, it does not detail the conditions that allow physicians to authorize its use.
Iran's foreign minister Mohammed Javed Zarif

Iran Calls On World To Save Nuclear Deal

The other economies part of the deal, namely Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China still contend the deal is the right option for Tehran and the world, and Iran’s foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif called "the remaining signatories and other trade partners" to "make up for Iran's losses" due to U.S.’ exit.