Ready to bring a drone into your home? Ring certainly hope you are.

The home security company, best known for its video doorbells, has unveiled the Always Home Cam, an indoor security camera with an airborne twist. The product will utilize a small autonomous drone that users can pilot to monitor any room in their home while away at work or on vacation.

According to Ring founder Jamie Siminoff, the Always Home Cam was designed over two years to offer comprehensive home security coverage at an attractive price, reports The Verge. At the expected price tag of $249.99 for a single unit, customers can monitor every angle of their home without having to invest in multiple cameras.

When not in use, the Always drone rests in a battery charging dock that blocks its view. Ring explained that the drone only records when flying and making noise, making it easy for users to tell when it’s in operation. The drone also boasts avoidance sensors to keep it from hitting objects and enclosed propellers to keep it from damaging anything that might run into it along the way.

The Always Home Cam will hit the market sometime in 2021, giving customers plenty of time to consider if they want a flying drone in their house -- if the product even lives up to its promised functionality. Those interested in ordering the camera at launch can sign up for notifications here.

Ring is a subsidiary of Amazon.

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