Best known for its affordable security cameras, Wyze Labs is looking to expand its footprint with a new doorbell camera sure to attract penny-pinching customers. Beyond its established place in the security business, it is also looking to move into entirely new product categories.

Announced on Wednesday, Wyze’s new video doorbell will set consumers back only $29.99. While extensive Amazon searches may turn up cheaper options from lesser-known companies, Wyze’s option definitely beats market leaders like Ring, whose products start around $100. The new gadget will offer HD recording, night vision, IP65 weather resistance and audio capabilities, the Verge reports.

Wyze also announced a new pair of over-ear noise-canceling headphones, sure to be familiar to fans of Sony and Bose products. Wyze’s headphones will feature noise-canceling up to 40 decibels, which could make them premium competition to the like of the Apple AirPods Pro, with likely a much more attractive mid-range price.

Finally, Wyze also introduced a new smart thermostat with a standard array of features common to such products, like scheduling, voice control, and remote compatibility with the Wyze app.

The Wyze video doorbell is currently available for preorder as of Tuesday. The headphones and smart thermostat will go up for preorder on Sept. 29 and Oct. 6, respectively, with the company declining to reveal prices for either until then.

Video Doorbell A video doorbell is a brilliant device to know who's at the door Photo: Wikimedia