• The Commando is a jack-of-all-trades character who is great in all combat scenarios
  • This class can deal insane damage with high attack speed and on-hit effects
  • The Commando suffers from low damage values per hit

The Commando is one of the two default characters unlocked for everyone at the start of “Risk of Rain 2,” but despite his basic nature, players can squeeze out unbelievably high DPS with this class should they survive for long enough.

Unlike the other classes, the Commando is arguably the easiest to learn, and players will ultimately have a simpler time with the game once they master all the abilities this character has to offer. However, the nature of “Risk of Rain 2” itself will still give new players a tough time, even with such an accessible character available at the start.

Here’s a quick guide on how to use the Commando and some tips for surviving until the late game.

Commando Playstyle and Gameplay Tips

The Commando is a mobile character with high sustained DPS thanks to his rapid-fire twin pistols. These weapons have low damage per hit but fire at a relatively quick pace, which means that the Commando needs to spend a fair bit of time shooting at enemies.

Keep moving and never let go of the primary attack button, even when using other abilities.

Risk of Rain 2 gets extremely chaotic at the later stages
Risk of Rain 2 gets extremely chaotic at the later stages Risk of Rain 2

Phase Round is great for damaging multiple enemies in a line and dealing a decent chunk of damage targets. Ideally, this should be used off-cooldown to maximize DPS.

On the other hand, Suppressive Fire is best used to stun priority targets like Stone Golems or Imps before following up with a Phase Round shot.

Tactical Dive is a basic dodge roll that cancels vertical momentum, which is great for jumping off high ledges without taking fall damage. Nothing special here, just this ability to dodge anything and everything.

Items To Look Out For

Soldier’s Syringe is extremely potent on the Commando because of how quickly he attacks. Stacking several syringes can bump the Commando’s attack speed up to match MUL-T’s auto nailgun firing mode.

On the topic of attack speed, on-hit effect items like the Ukelele, Tri-Tip Dagger and Sticky Bomb become more powerful the faster the player can attack. Each bullet from the Commando’s basic attacks and Suppressive Fire can trigger an on-hit effect.

Lastly, consider stacking on-death effects like Wil-o’-the-Wisp or Ceremonial Dagger to compensate for the Commando’s lack of area damage.