• The Huntress is an agile class that's great for beginners
  • This class can continuously shoot while sprinting
  • The Huntress sacrifices DPS for extra mobility

The second starter class in “Risk of Rain 2” offers a wildly different playstyle than the Commando. Swift and agile, the Huntress boasts even greater mobility and the ability to shoot while sprinting at the cost of less versatility and single-target DPS.

This is where the game starts to get more complicated as those who are used to playing the Commando may find the Huntress much more difficult to use effectively. However, this class serves as a good introduction to how steep “Risk of Rain 2’s” learning curve can be, and when mastered, the Huntress can be extremely fun to play.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help players get started.

Huntress Abilities

The homing arrows fired from the Huntress’ bow automatically lock on to nearby enemies, which allows the player to keep moving without having to worry much about aiming. This is important to know because of the Huntress’ ability to fire while sprinting, keeping her mobility high without sacrificing precision.

The Huntress - Risk of Rain 2
The Huntress Risk of Rain 2

However, her normal attack has relatively low DPS numbers because of its slow firing speed. This is compensated for by her Laser Glaive, which bounces between enemies. This ability is great for one-tapping weak mobs and setting off item-based chain reactions.

Damage-wise, the Huntress’ signature Arrow Rain ability is best used against slow or stationary targets like bosses since it only works over targeted areas. However, this can be used in tandem with Blink to reach higher areas or to avoid taking fall damage after falling from great heights.

Best Items To Look Out For

Items that boost critical hit rate or attack speed are extremely valuable for the Huntress, since both of these items contribute greatly to her overall DPS output.

Multiple Paul’s Goat Hooves or Energy Drinks are also recommended as they boost the Huntress’ sprint speed, which translates to better survivability and map traversal.

For crowd-control, on-kill items like the Ceremonial Dagger, Will-o’-the-Wisp, and Gasoline can synergize with Laser Glaive and Arrow Rain’s area-wide damage to trigger chain reactions that can wipe tons of enemies off the screen.