• "Survivors of the Void" will add new characters, items and locations
  • The Sniper class' spiritual successor will come to the game via the expansion
  • The expansion will officially arrive on March 2

Hopoo Games has been quietly working on the first major expansion pack for “Risk of Rain 2,” dubbed “Survivors of the Void,” which is set to bring more content to the third-person action roguelike shooter.

There are plenty of things to be excited about in this new expansion, and fans of the “Risk of Rain” series will be delighted to know that at least one beloved character will be making a comeback. Here’s everything we know so far about “Survivors of the Void.

New Character: The Railgunner

The original Sniper class from the first game will be returning in the form of the Railgunner, a long-ranged marksman who can defeat most bosses with a single, well-placed shot. A short showcase was released by the developers that covered all of this class’ abilities in detail.

Much like her predecessor, the Railgunner excels at dealing absurd amounts of damage in a single shot. Her modular weapon acts as both a long-range rifle and a close-ranged PDW equipped with tracking bullets, which means the Railgunner will still be able to make use of one-hit items like the Ukulele and Tri-Tip Dagger.

Players can zoom in using the railgun’s scope and hit marked weak points on enemies to deal guaranteed critical damage. However, the Railgunner’s attacks will not crit. Instead, all critical hit chance will be converted to critical hit damage.

Apart from a new mobility skill and a full-auto fire mode, the Railgunner retains much of the Sniper’s kit. This class will be unlocked immediately for all owners of the new expansion.

The Railgunner - Risk of Rain 2
The Railgunner Hopoo Games

New Locations and Enemies

Four new areas are getting added together with the expansion: the Aphelian Sanctuary, Sulfur Pools, Siphoned Forest and an expanded version of the Void. A few old enemies from the original game are also returning along with these areas, including the gelatinous Gup.

The Void will also introduce some powerful new enemies and some equally-powerful rewards for players who can conquer the game’s challenges.

Void Corruption and Unlockable Items

“Survivors of the Void” will add four new equipment items, four lunar items and 16 regular items to the game, all of which can be unlocked via achievements. On top of them, 13 existing items have received special Void versions, which offer powerful new effects that come with some sort of trade-off.

“Survivors of the Void” will launch on Steam on March 1.

One of the new locations in Risk of Rain 2's expansion, Survivors of the Void
One of the new locations in Risk of Rain 2's expansion, Survivors of the Void Hopoo Games