Electric truck maker Rivian showcased its R1T pickup truck’s capabilities in the extremes of the Arizona desert in four new videos released by the company on its YouTube channel.

The company said that the truck was put under some rugged testing as Rivian engineers looked to discover what the R1T was really capable of both on-road and off-road.

In one of the videos, the electrified truck can be seen drifting in the desert sand, showing the pickup’s abilities off-road and on intense turns. The truck was also featured hitting top speeds and traversing steep rocky inclines.

Rivian has postponed delivery of the R1T because of the coronavirus until next year. The truck, which will be produced at Rivian’s Normal, Illinois, production facility, was expected to be introduced this year but was delayed after Rivian shut down its plant in March to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The videos from Rivian come as the electric truck market is heating up. Lordstown Motors unveiled its electrified Endurance pickup truck last week, and newcomer Nikola has been gaining attention with its hydrogen-electric Badger pickup truck that is set to launch Dec 4.

Ford and GM are also coming to market with electric trucks. Ford will deliver the electric version of the F-150 in 2022, and GM is expected to deliver the GMC Hummer EV in Fall 2021.

2019_09_Rivian-R1t-photo-by-Ben-Moon The R1T pickup truck from Rivian. Photo: Ben Moon