Robots Created To Act Like Termites
Harvard engineers have developed robots to build, based on the study of termites Harvard University

The future of science may only need to look at nature, as Harvard engineers develop small robots that mimic termites. The project was unveiled at the American Association for the Advancement of Science. The robots were 8 inches long and performed simple construction duties like putting down a brick, turning around or climbing. The robots were able to access their tasks by working together and seeing what else needs to be done, like the insects.

But why would these tiny robots act like termites?

Termites, as insects go, are extremely intelligent; they take cues from one another, work as a team, and can build complicated mounds of soil, complete with tunnels and chambers. Some scientists even believe that termites have been able to create their own air conditioning in these formations that are more complicated than we think.

This technology could be used to build and rebuild structures in dangerous areas. The robots could be sent to earthquake- prone regions to build homes and repair damage. Humans may no longer need to risk their lives building in dangerous situations.

This could be the start of something amazing, and science only needed to look in the backyard by mirroring nature. Imagine the relief this could bring to people living through natural disasters, human lives that could be saved by these robots that can build.