• Jamie King was part of Rockstar Games' founding team
  • He left the company in 2006
  • It's unclear if he remains in contact with the team

"GTA 6" is one of the highly anticipated and most talked about unannounced games in the industry. Though nothing has been confirmed about the next "Grand Theft Auto" franchise installment, one of the founding members of Rockstar Games may have hinted at some details about the game.

Rockstar Games remains mum about anything related to the next "Grand Theft Auto" franchise installment, so fans have no idea what the game will be about. Despite this, speculations, theories and even rumors about the game's supposed setting, characters and other elements have been rife within the community.

Interestingly, Rockstar Games co-founder Jamie King, who left the company in the mid-2000s, recently shared his thoughts about the future of the franchise, its potential upcoming titles and what the gaming studio may offer to its hopeful fans. 

GTA V at 144 Hz FPS with graphic settings maxed out GTA V at 144 Hz FPS with graphic settings maxed out Photo: IBTimes / Jeff Li

In an interview with a YouTuber who goes by the name Killazspain, King said "GTA 6" might end up having a different "tone" compared to its predecessors. He also mentioned that it's possible the game would not be "quite as edgy or as funny" as the former iterations.

King then shared that the gameplay mechanics might remain and the gaming studio could simply build from what it already has.

"I just think maybe there's more opportunity for them to do something cheesy, cause they never do. Maybe not. There's a beautiful machine there that you'd have to try real hard to f--k up, to screw up," he told the content creator.

"I just look at the success of [GTA] 5 and [GTA] Online and [Red Dead] Redemption 2, and I think that they are just going to be fine. But I think culturally, internally, both at [Rockstar] North and [Rockstar] New York they are missing Leslie [Benzies] and Dan [Houser]. Yeah, there's a difference, for sure," he added.

King, together with Terry Donovan and Sam and Dan Houser, founded Rockstar Games in 1998. However, he left the company in 2006, and it is unclear if he remains in contact with the team. 

For now, it is wise for fans to think of King's statements about "GTA 6" as mere predictions about the game.