Rose McGowan
Rose McGowan is willing to film a "Charmed" reunion nearly a decade after the series ended. Reuters

Fans of the WB series “Charmed” were likely thrilled to hear Rose McGowan talking about the series. She even said that she would be willing to do a reunion, but she doesn’t want some sappy family movie. She wants the Halliwell sisters to finally let loose.

“I hope we're all drunk and high on coke,” she joked on “Watch What Happens Live.” The show, which followed a family of witches, never featured the sisters getting that crazy. However, some of the episodes,for instance, when they turned into mermaids and met leprechauns, were a little trippy.

“Maybe,” the “Chosen” actress added. “But you know what? Witchcraft is kind of awesome, and I had the best powers, so I hope so. Sure.”

Watch McGowan's interview below:

It seems like the perfect time for the show to come back. It started in 1998 and ran until 2006 on the WB, and everything from the '90s seems to be coming back. If there is room for “Fuller House” and “The X-Files,” there is definitely room for “Charmed.”

However, the show would have to get all of the leading ladies back, and that might be a problem. Shannen Doherty left the show after three seasons. It was rumored to be the result of fighting on set, but Alyssa Milano said she wasn’t sure why Doherty left.

“We never really found out what happened,” Milano said on “Watch What Happens Live” in 2013, according to Us Weekly. “I can tell you that we were on the air with her for three years, and there were definitely some rough days.”

Doherty’s character Prue was killed off the show, so she doesn’t necessarily have to sign on for a reunion. However, that year Doherty said she’d be down for a movie when Milano tweeted her about it.

With McGowan, Doherty and Milano willing, that gives audiences Paige, Prue and Phoebe. However, fans can’t forget about the level-headed Piper. Would Holly Marie Combs be willing to join? After William Shatner (who was never involved in the show) tweeted about the possible movie, Combs simply replied with a happy face emoticon.

It isn’t exactly clear what Doherty feels was “left undone” that would warrant a movie. “Charmed” writers knew the series was coming to an end, so the finale had a very solid ending. The show even flashed forward to show the sisters several years later as they got married and had kids and even showed Leo (Brian Krause) and Piper as grandparents. Presumably, it would pick up before everyone goes gray, but it isn’t clear exactly what story they could tell that hasn’t already been explored.