Tom Arnold (L) speaks as Rosanne Barr looks on during the taping of the Comedy Central Roast of Roseanne in Los Angeles August 4, 2012 REUTERS

Time doesn’t always heal all wounds. A worldwide audience recently enjoyed a front-row seat to an argument between Tom Arnold and Roseanne Barr as the formerly married couple publicly squared off on Twitter.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the feud began when Arnold tweeted that he had dropped off some boxes at Goodwill. “Hope someone really needs 47 remote controls, 65 phone chargers and my old wedding videos,” Arnold wrote.

That tweet inspired the rancor of Roseanne, who had some choice words for Arnold. “Of me? bc if they are, I would like that footage since it has my kids in it-it's not really your choice2 destroy,” she said.

Arnold quickly replied to Roseanne. “It’s still there,” he wrote. “They are only charging $1 for it and the proceeds go to a good cause.”

As E! Online reports, things quickly turned ugly, with Roseanne tweeting “What the f**k is wrong with U?” Arnold fired back with statements such as “What is wrong with you? So damn serious all the time,” and “For Christ sakes. I remember when you used to be a comedian.”

After no answer from Arnold was immediately forthcoming, Roseanne continued to press the issue. “So then your answer is: no, they are not of me or my kids? That's all u really have to say,” she wrote. “Don’t you agree that it’s pretty f****d up that I even have to say that???” Arnold replied.

The two eventually patched things up when Roseanne asked Arnold about his newborn son, Jax Copeland Arnold.

The twitter spat is the latest chapter in a long, tumultuous history between the two comedians. As the Hollywood Reporter points out, Tom Arnold first met Roseanne Barr when he served as the opening act for the rising comic at a Minneapolis nightclub in 1983. After Roseanne scored her own series in 1988, she hired Arnold as a member of the writing staff. The two eventually tied the knot in January 1990. After four years of controversy and tabloid headlines, the infamous couple called it quits in 1994.

The two did not speak for 17 years, until Arnold made a surprise appearance at the Comedy Central roast of Roseanne in August 2012. “We have not been in the same room for over 17 years. Is this really the best format to do this? Getting together with your ex at a roast?” Arnold joked.

The event proved to be a success for all involved. “If I can bury my roiling-boiling ceaseless hatred for Tom Arnold, maybe there’s a chance we can have world peace,” Roseanne tweeted afterwards.