The Hearing
James and Rupert Murdoch speak to the House Affairs Committee in July, 2011 Reuters

Embattled News Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch took home $33.29 million in pay last year, a 47 percent rise from the year before. Some $12.5 million of that amount was a cash bonus, according to London's Daily Telegraph.

Murdoch's son, James, who serves as News Corp.'s deputy operating officer, took home $17.9 million last year, a whopping 74 percent rise from the prior year. He received a cash bonus of $6 million.

The pay period for News Corp. covers the 12 months ending June 30. The fact that father and son took home more than $50 million last year will no doubt be the latest controversy facing the duo, which had to defend allegations that individuals affiliated with News Corp. properties were involved in telephone hacking scandals.

Executive compensation and bonuses are often determined by internal corporate targets. News Corp. told the Telegraph that News Corp.'s adjusted operating income rose 12 percent during the past fiscal year, beating a company target.

Still, the last year hasn't been completely rosy for News Corp. The company had to close its largest-circulation newspaper, News of the World, this summer after allegations of telephone-hacking. The Murdochs have denied any knowledge of or involvement in the phone-hacking.