Ryan Dunn, the MTV reality T.V. star is now appearing on hundreds of T-shirts. Ever since Dunn's death after a fatal car crash on Monday, hundreds of T-shirts have popped up online, honoring the star's memory.

Websites like Zazzle.com, Amazon.com, and Cafepress.com are hosting a number of fan-made T-shirts which remember the 34-year-old 'Jackass' and 'Viva la Bam' star's knack for comedy and dangerous stunts. T-shirts read 'Random Hero' with pictures of Dunn on the chest. One even has a cartoon version of Dunn in his 'dirty j's' made famous from his time on T.V.

Dunn was killed in the early hours of Monday morning when his 2007 Porsche veered off the road and burst into flames. Dunn and his passenger were killed by blunt force trauma and heat trauma from the flames. Dunn was so badly burned he had to be indentified by his tattoos. Police estimate that Dunn was driving around 130 miles per hour when he crashed.

On Sunday night, Dunn was out at a bar with friends and tweeted photos of them drinking and having a good time. Reports said that bar employees said Dunn didn't appear to be intoxicated. According to TMZ toxicology results show that Dunn's blood alcohol content was .196, almost two and a half times the legal limit in Pennsylvania (where the crash took place), which is .08.

Dunn will reportedly be buried in Ohio where he was born, according to MTV. A private service was held for friends and family on Wednesday in Pennsylvania. There will be a public memorial but a date hasn't been set yet. The Westboro Baptist Church said it will protest any public service, saying Dunn is 'in hell.' The WBC is known for its protests at high-profile funerals.

Bam Margera, Dunn's best friend and 'Jackass' and 'Viva la Bam' co-star was visibly shaken up about the news. He was in Arizona when he heard.

On Tuesday, a very-distraught Bam Margera spoke to a local Fox affiliate, telling a reporter, I've never lost anybody that I care about; he's my best friend.