Even though Android is the dominant mobile OS in the world, there’s still plenty of competition when it comes to mobile device manufacturers.

But it is Android’s strong hold on the world market that makes Samsung the most popular mobile phone manufacturer in 92 of the 230 countries for which Global Stats’ StatCounter tracks data.

Samsung holds 26.2 percent of the world’s market. Apple [NASDAQ:AAPL] and Nokia come in second, with just a little over 20 percent world market share each. Apple’s hold on the world market is driven by sales in advanced economies with high per capita income, while Nokia’s customers are mostly from countries with low per capita income. Both Apple and Nokia are dominant in just a little more than 60 countries.

Here’s a map of the most dominant mobile phone brands in 230 countries. Click on any country to what market share the most popular brands have in those countries:

Methodology, and a note about data used to create the map: Global Stats tracks data using Web analytics and tracking codes. There were some mobile devices that Global Stats’ trackers were unable to identify. The percentage of devices for which the brand could not be identified are labeled as “unidentified” in the map.

In 22 countries, including China and Russia, the “unidentified” category formed the largest proportion of mobile phones. In those countries, the most popular brand forms a relatively low proportion of all phones in use. For example, in China, the most popular brand of phones are manufactured by Apple, but they form only 15.6 percent of all phones in use. In contrast, 33.8 percent of all phones in use were “unidentified.”

Here’s a chart that looks at the market share that top mobile phone brands enjoyed over time:

mobile vendors-01
Samsung is the dominant cell phone manufacturer in more than 90 countries. IBTimes/Lisa Mahapatra