• Samsung Galaxy Chromebook lacks RAM power
  • RAM cound for next variant can be doubled but price may spike
  • Samsung Galaxy Chromebook may flail to consumer interest

On the outside, the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook looks pretty tempting to get. But once the price tag is known, some may get turned off. Other than that, the features inside may further turn the demanding user off. For quite a good-looking device, the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook may just lack the performance most would be looking for.

Sporting a Fiesta Red hue, anyone would instantly want to look deeper into what this machine can deliver. However, it should be noted that Chromebooks do have limitations. One is that it relies heavily on web-based applications, meaning it pales for folks who still mistake it for an ideal notebook to carry around. Regardless, it still needs the proper backing from the internal specifications inside.

By default, the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook runs on the 10th gen Intel Core i5. But as far as RAM support, most may question how far an 8 GB-backed machine can go, Slash Gear reported. Probably aware that it is one thing that will draw criticism, the company is reportedly planning to unleash a 16 GB variant soon. Somehow, that could ease the concerns of productive people through web-based applications that may hardly eat up a lot of resources.

The most important part of it is the price. The suggested retail tag for a Samsung Galaxy Chromebook is pegged at $1,000, a hefty amount that could turn some buyers off. Most know that there are vast alternatives out there. For one, there is the Asus Chromebook Flip C436 which costs a bit less at $750. It practically offers the same specification of the Samsung offering, a white flag that may hinder the company's expected sales numbers.

The rumored 16 GB version of the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook could make sense but the price is likely to be bumped up a notch. The belief that a new 16 GB variant will be coming comes from Chrome Unboxed when they spotted some changes to the Chrome OS source code. They spotted "Kohaku", the code name used for the Galaxy Chromebook, getting a 16 GB bump. If not, it could be meant for another future model.

The 8 GB Samsung Galaxy Chromebook comes with a 256 GB storage by default. If the RAM count gets bumped up, there is a chance that the ROM could also be boosted to 512 GB. Until something is announced, it would be best to take this with a grain of salt. It remains to be seen if any consumer would be interested in buying an expensive Chromebook that may run short of power expectations.

Samsung Chromebook Pro
The Samsung Chromebook Pro in tablet mode with the stylus. Chrome Unboxed