Industry insiders recently claim that the Samsung Galaxy Fold is a hit handset wherever it is sold. While the claim appears interesting, it is hard to believe considering that it is retailed at $2,000, and its availability is very limited. Regardless of the accuracy of the claims, it appears that the Seoul-based tech giant is still committed in its vision of revolutionary bendable handsets, but this might have some changes if the recent report about Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is to be believed.

Samsung appears to be taking its time before it finally unveils the next-generation foldable phone, which is reportedly dubbed as Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. Its predecessor was unveiled earlier, but because of a series of issues, it was delayed and was officially released in September. But, it appears that Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is a different case because, according to leaks, it will arrive on April 2020.

Industry insiders claim that Samsung is not only changing the timing of the release of Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. The company is reportedly considering to use Ultra-Thin Glass (UTG) as the protective layer to replace the Polyimide film currently utilized in the Samsung Galaxy Fold. In theory, this will provide better protection from scratches, which is something the PI could not offer.

Apart from this, the same sources also claim that the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will not be the same as the current foldable phone that Samsung is selling. The next-generation bendable handset will fold down vertically like a clamshell. Additionally, the device will reportedly feature a reduced screen size of 6.7-inches, making it much taller or longer instead of wider.

These changes are associated with the company’s focus on portability instead of having a large screen on its next foldable phone. But, there are also claims that the Seoul-based tech and electronics giant has not yet decided about this new Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 design. There is still a chance that Samsung might go for the 8.1-inch screen.

Regardless of the orientation of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, we hope that it will not be plagued with issues like what its predecessor has gone through. And, since this is a leak, we advise taking this with a pinch of salt.