The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was just released last month, but there’s already some news about its successor, which is set for release next year. A new report claims that the Galaxy Note 10 has been given the codename “Da Vinci” and it might be a hint at further improvements to the S Pen stylus.

The Da Vinci codename was first reported by the South Korean publication The Bell. According to the site, Samsung has already begun developing the Galaxy Note 10, which is expected to launch sometime next year. Codenames are typically given to smartphones during development and sometimes they hint at things to come.

The codename is an obvious reference to Leonardo da Vinci, who is mostly known for being a painter during the Renaissance period. Samsung may have settled on the codename because the company might be planning on bringing improvements or possibly even new features to the S Pen of the Galaxy Note 10.

That’s just wild speculation at this point, but Samsung has already begun improving the S Pen with the release of the Note 9. The S Pen included with the Note 9 comes with Bluetooth functionality and it allows users to control the phone from up to 30 feet away. By default, pressing and holding down on the S Pen’s button will bring up the camera app. Tapping the button once can trigger the camera shutter to take a photo. The Note 9’s S Pen is also capable of controlling media playback, including music and videos.

It’s possible Samsung could build on top of what it has already accomplished on the Note 9, or perhaps the company may want to further improve the writing and drawing features of the S Pen. It would be pretty awesome if Samsung is able to make S Pen feel a lot like a pen writing on a piece of paper.

In addition to the codename, The Bell’s sources also said that the Galaxy Note 10 will have the same design as the Note 9. This means that fans should expect the return of the Infinity Display, thin bezels and no physical home button, as pointed out by Android Authority. This may not be a surprising piece of information, but it does rule out previous rumors claiming that the Note 10 will have a foldable design.

2019 is looking like an exciting year for Samsung. In addition to the Note 10, Samsung is also expected to release the Galaxy S10 which is believed to come with an in-display fingerprint scanner. In addition, Samsung has already confirmed that it may share some details on its foldable smartphone this November and the handset itself is rumored to be released next year.