Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy Note 2 on 30 August. Phandroid

Samsung's Galaxy Note 2 is catered toward people who look to create and consume media content, and the Korea-based manufacturer is certainly stressing that point in its advertising campaign. The successor to the original "phablet" device is reportedly set for a release date on Aug. 29, and as that date draws near, more information on the device seems to emerge.

Samsung has just a released a new teaser commercial for its Galaxy Note 2. It's a quick spot starring the great German film director Wim Wenders of "Wings of Desire" fame. In the ad, Wenders is seeing walking along the remains of the Berlin Wall. The teaser for Samsung Mobile's Unpacked event features an artsy theme, with the trailer beginning with the text: "when magical moments come alive."

A light piano backdrop with artistic footage kicks off the promotional clip, with another bit of motivational text: "Everything becomes an inspiration."

The rest of the teaser trailer is composed of close-up footage of the Galaxy Note 2, including a zoomed-in perspective of the stylus touching the device's display. This is interspliced with shots of Wenders walking along a street.

"All the things you can do in the blink of an eye with such a small and light thing," Wenders said in the trailer. "Anybody can do it."

The video closes with the teasing phrase, "On Aug. 29 your magical moments will come alive."

Although the footage doesn't show much of the device itself, it does provide a certain mood for the Galaxy Note 2. Samsung is clearly marketing it as an artistic device, and emphasizes the elements of creation and elegance throughout the clip.

"We know Samsung will be all about content creation with the new Note, and this only confirms that," writes Cory Gunther of Android Community.

The video does hint at an S-Pen stylus multiple times throughout the footage, and shows the device to be rather thin. The footage implies that the Galaxy Note 2 may even be as thin as the stylus itself.

As the Samsung Mobile Unpacked event draws closer, which it seems to be nearly confirmed will also be the Galaxy Note 2 unveiling, an increasing number of alleged leaks have appeared online.

On Friday, an image of what is believed to be the Galaxy Note 2 had surfaced online, showcasing the Note successor's 5.5-inch display. The photo also alluded to the fact that the gadget will be both thinner and wider than its predecessor.

A different image that appeared on Wednesday last week depicted the external casing for the Galaxy Note 2, with a ruler measuring the display diagonally to provide further evidence that the display will be larger.

But there is no way to verify that these images are legitimate, as Samsung has yet to confirm either of them. The Korea-based manufacturer has not released any details on the Galaxy Note 2, short of the fact that it does indeed exist. It was later reported by Android Authority that this image was a fake, despite the device in the photo bearing a striking similarity to Samsung's upcoming device.

So what do we know for sure about the Galaxy Note 2? Based on the footage, it's clear that the company is marketing it as a high-end device catered toward creative and content consumption. As for the rest, fans will have to wait until Aug. 29 to see what Samsung is ready to reveal to the world.

Check out the trailer below to see the commercial for yourself.