• Corning has announced that it has developed a new glass technology, calling it Gorilla Glass Victus
  • Samsung will be the first to make use of such a technology, possibly for the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 
  • Corning claims Gorilla Glass Victus surpasses Gorilla Glass 6 and other competitive aluminosilicate glasses in the market in terms of scratch resistance by up to four times

Samsung is expected to launch its best phones yet come next month, and one of these is expected to feature the latest and greatest Gorilla Glass from Corning.

Gorilla Glass maker Corning recently announced that it has created a new kind of glass that will be used on a variety of devices. The company calls this the “Gorilla Glass Victus” and claims that it surpasses Gorilla Glass 6 and every other competitive aluminosilicate glass in the market in terms of scratch resistance by up to four times.

The company didn't mince any words when it said Gorilla Glass Victus provides “significantly better drop and scratch performance compared to competitive aluminosilicate glasses from other manufacturers.” It said it decided to improve on those two areas after analyzing feedback from more than 90,000 consumers who said they're “willing to pay a premium for improved durability.”

Here's what Corning said about Gorilla Glass Victus's durability:

  • It can withstand higher drops

While aluminosilicate glasses from other companies typically fail when dropped from a height no higher than 0.8 meters, Corning said Gorilla Glass Victus is able to survive drops from 2 meters high – even when dropped onto hard, rough surfaces.

  • It can resist more scratches

Gorilla Glass Victus also boasts of up to twice the scratch-resistance of Gorilla Glass 6, which comes directly before it. This means the new glass technology offers up to four times the scratch-resistance of aluminosilicate glasses from other manufacturers.

John Bayne, senior vice president and general manager at Corning, said the company's research has found that consumers are looking for glass that's both capable of withstanding drops and scratches. Thus, instead of focusing on improving just one aspect, the company decided to improve both.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Aside from announcing the arrival of the new glass technology, Corning also announced that consumers will be able to enjoy the new Gorilla Glass Victus' features by means of a new Samsung device.

“Samsung will be the first customer to adopt Gorilla Glass Victus in the near future,” the company stated.

This announcement has led XDA Developers' Max Weinbach to speculate that Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will be the first to sport such glass technology.

Does this mean the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will indeed feature Gorilla Glass Victus? Maybe, and maybe not. Fans better stay tuned for more announcements as they come.

Galaxy Note 10/10+ Galaxy Note 10/10+ Photo: Microsoft/Samsung