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Photo reportedly taken by Samsung employee with Galaxy Note 3 handset. Google +

A third set of photos reportedly taken by a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 handset have surfaced amid new reports reiterating that the Galaxy Note 3 will likely be unveiled on Sept. 4 during the preview days of the IFA Expo.

It appears an employee of Samsung Electronics in Mexico was the one to share this recent Galaxy Note 3 photo leak. The images, which were shared on Google +, depict a number of random and blurry shots, not unlike the Galaxy Note 3 photos that have previously been leaked. The employee indicated that the photos were taken by a device under the model number SM-N9005, which is commonly connected to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The model number first surfaced on the website for Samsung Kazakhstan back in June and has been spotted in several stealthy Galaxy Note 3 appearances since then, which leaves many to believe that this and similar model numbers are in fact for the Galaxy Note 3.

The available Exif data for the photos indicate a resolution of 2322 x 4128 in 16:9 mode, which notably matches up to the characteristics of the first leaked photo reportedly taken by the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The photos, taken in f/2.2 aperture with a focal length of 4.6 mm, are also have Exif data matching photos taken by the Samsung Galaxy S4.

The Galaxy S4 notably introduced a 13-megapixel camera to the smartphone market, which snaps decent photos despite its exposure issues and its tendency to blur photos when the handset is not held perfectly still. Rumors indicate that the Galaxy Note 3 will address these issues with a 13-megapixel camera improved with optical image stabilization and a 3x optical zoom. However, none of the supposed leaked photos taken by the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 have shown quality better than photos taken by a Galaxy S4 handset. In fact, the photos have all been largely off focus or featuring Exif data of much lower quality than the Galaxy S4 camera.

The employee's Google + account has also since been deleted, brining further confusion to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 photo saga.

Meanwhile, Korean website insists that we will see the Samsung Galaxy S4 announced in early Sept. 4, a date that was originally divulged to Android Geeks by an insider in early July. The IFA Expo takes place from Sept. 6 to 11; its preview days on Sept. 4 and 5 will be specifically for media to get the inside scoop on upcoming gadgets. According to previous reports, the Samsung Mobile Unpacked event during which the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be unveiled will be a press-only event.

Late summer unveilings at or around the IFA Expo are commonplace for the release of Galaxy Note devices, with the original Galaxy Note launching in at IFA 2011 in September and the Galaxy Note 2 launching at the Berlin Radio Show in August of last year, i.e., just before the opening of that year’s IFA event. Additionally, previous reports have also incited that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 would go into mass-production on Aug. 1, which falls in step with a late September or October release after being unveiled on Sept. 4. With no confirmation from Samsung, these reports can't be taken as fact; however, all clues seemingly indicate that all the secrets about the Galaxy Note 3 will be revealed soon.

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