Samsung just shut down its official website and blogs. Reuters/Andrew Kelly

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 may release later in the year than some prior Galaxy Note handsets if recent rumors are to be believed. Well known tech informant, mmddj_china recently tweeted that the Galaxy Note 8 may release during the fourth quarter of 2017, which may be between September and December. However, the source was not able to pinpoint an exact release date for the Galaxy Note 8.

If accurate, Samsung may be returning back to a late-year release for its Galaxy Note line. S-Pen phablets released before the Galaxy Note 5 were typically announced in early September during the IFA conference in Berlin and released to market in late-September to mid-October.

Samsung began releasing its Galaxy Note handsets in August, following the release of Apple’s iPhone 6, which hit the market in 2014 with a revamped design. Both the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy Note 7 were announced in early-August and released in mid-August of their respective launch years. However, the circumstance leading to the ultimate discontinuation of the Galaxy Note 7 may have caused Samsung to rethink its strategy to get ahead of Apple.

While unconfirmed, there have been several theories about Samsung’s launch plans for the Galaxy Note 8. Some have considered Samsung may continue to release the Galaxy Note 8 during the summer timeframe, particularly with Apple releasing its 10th Anniversary iPhone in September. If the Galaxy Note 8 maintained an August release date, it would hit markets just four short months after the Galaxy S8. However, Samsung has stated its confidence that the Galaxy Note line would not cannibalize the Galaxy S line due to the former device being marketed to niche consumers who favor the S-Pen stylus.

Still, there is also the possibility that Samsung may not release the Galaxy Note 8 as early as it did the Galaxy Note 7 and Galaxy Note 5. Perhaps it may once again be announced during IFA or perhaps later, following the iPhone 8 (or iPhone 7s) release.

Samsung’s other reasoning for moving the Galaxy Note release date to August was to give the devices a standalone launch event that is not associated with a large conference. It is possible Samsung could do something similar with the Galaxy Note 8, but with a later release date, rather than an earlier date.

The recently announced Galaxy S8 was unveiled later than usual, at an exclusive event at Lincoln Center in New York City, last Wednesday. For several years Samsung has been launching Galaxy S devices in the late-February/early-March time frame, to coincide with Mobile World Congress. However, this event could be a new president for Samsung to establish itself as a reliable premium manufacturer.

Samsung may also push the Galaxy Note 8 launch to make room for a new device, the rumored Galaxy X foldable smartphone. The device may release during the third quarter of 2017, or between June and August, according to mmddj_china. It is possible Samsung may want to announce its new product so it will be official and available for showcasing during IFA in September. In lieu of announcing Galaxy Note devices at IFA, Samsung has used that time to launch new wearables. However, lineup changes are often common. Instead of announcing the Galaxy S8 and MWC, Samsung unveiled several tablets.