The Galaxy S9 and S9+ may still be new but rumors regarding Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 have already started surfacing online. It’s currently being rumored that the Galaxy Note 9 will arrive with a slightly bigger display and a larger battery.

The Galaxy Note 9 is said to arrive later this year with a 6.4-inch display and a 4,000mAh battery, according to SamMobile. The display size would just be slightly bigger than the 6.3-inch display that’s on the Galaxy Note 8. This isn’t the first time it was rumored that the Note 9 would have a slightly larger display.

It was previously reported that the upcoming phablet would arrive with a 6.38-inch display, so this new rumor is still in line with that. Samsung may have also found a way to further slim down the bezels on the Note 9 to make the display just a tad bit bigger. The South Korean phone maker did introduce the Infinity Display 2.0 design for the Galaxy S9 to trim down the bezels, so it’s very likely for the company to use it once again for the Note 9.

Regarding the rumored 4,000mAh battery, it is certainly a possibility. However, it’s also possible that the Note 9 could arrive with a 3,850mAh battery, as speculated by Twitter leaker Ice Universe (@UniverseIce). A bigger battery and display would surely be something consumers would want, but are these specs too good to be true?

The Galaxy Note 9 is also rumored to arrive with an in-display fingerprint scanner. In theory, if Samsung is able to put an in-display fingerprint scanner on the Note 9, then the company would also have a bit more room in the device to add a slightly bigger display and a larger battery.

That being said, Samsung could still disappoint consumers. The Note 9 might not feature an in-display fingerprint scanner and Samsung might just put it on the handset’s back like on the Galaxy S9, as what other sources claim. Right now, it seems as though putting an in-display fingerprint sensor is a priority for Samsung, especially if it wants to keep pushing its hardware design and have something over Apple and its other competitors.

Chinese phone maker Vivo made headlines earlier this year with the X20 Plus UD, which is the very first smartphone to feature an in-display fingerprint reader. Meanwhile, The Xiaomi Mi 7 is also rumored to arrive with its own in-display fingerprint scanner.

Galaxy Note
Teh Galaxy Note 9 is said to arrive with a 4,000mAh battery. REUTERS/Kim Hong-Ji