• Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra fix for display issues still unavailable
  • Samsung working on glitch but more bugs need addressing
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra owners advised to tone down refresh rate for now

The Samsung Galaxy S20 series have not been spared from bugs, a common thing to expect from new handsets. But like most, the company is trying to address the issue in the form of patches. Unfortunately, the last one released was unable to address several issues and caused more problems.

According to Sam Mobile, Samsung was forced to pull out the latest firmware with software version G988xXXU1ATCT. The patch gave Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra owners something to worry about with reports that their screens ended up with green tints when the high refresh rate option is enabled. Aside from that, super-fast charging became slower compared to what it was previously known for.

However, it remains unclear if the pullout for the latest Samsung Galaxy S20 patch was due to these mentioned issues. The ones for the Samsung Galaxy S20 and Samsung Galaxy S20+ are still available for download. the problem may be limited to the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra or because of some other reason/s.

A fix for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra's green tint issue is already in the works although it was not mentioned when the fix would be out. To give folks who have yet to update their device, the green tint would appear on the display in apps at refresh rates higher than 60 Hz when the brightness level is lowered to below 30 percent. Most of the affected units are allegedly devices running on an Exynos 990 SoC of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, Sam Mobile mentioned in another report.

Though Samsung has promised to roll out a fix, all Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra owners can do now is keep their refresh rates locked at 60 Hz. It is an uncomfortable adjustment for most know but the best they can do until that patch comes out.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra was touted to have a 120 Hz refresh rate display, one of the main reasons consumers bought the phone at a hefty price of $1,400. The glitch is frustrating and infuriating and Samsung needs to figure out a fix soon.

Other flaws for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra include the slow camera autofocus, Engadget reported. It remains to be seen if this will be addressed in the next fix with a lot of owners pretty disappointed with these developments.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera Photo: Samsung