Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera
The rumored improved camera of the Samsung Galaxy S23 may be even better with added RAM according to a leak. Samsung


  • The Samsung Galaxy S24 series phones may come out with bigger RAM for better performance
  • RAM upgrades of Samsung S24 phones will complement other features, such as new camera hardware
  • Aside from RAM, Samsung Galaxy S24 series handsets could come out with improved UFS technology

The Samsung Galaxy S24 is one of the highly anticipated phones for 2023, and tech consumers are keenly waiting for what the latest flagship will have to offer.

So far, there have been a lot of rumors surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S24. The most recent one is that the mobile phone will come out with massively upgraded camera hardware, something that techies expect, considering Samsung has the distinction of being a photography champion among the best Android phones in the market, SlashGear reported.

But tied to that, a powerful camera will need all the power it can get from the main device. This concern can be addressed with additional RAM, something that not only aids in a better photo- or video-capturing moments but the mobile phone performance as a whole.

The leak comes from a tipster named Revegnus, who already leaked other details about the cameras and processor of the Galaxy S24 series.

According to the tipster, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will come with 16 GB of RAM, a notable jump from the 12 GB RAM that the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra had.

Moreover, he said the standard Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24 Plus would also be getting RAM upgrades compared to their Samsung Galaxy predecessors. The next phone variants will come out with 12 GB RAM, a leap from the previous 8 GB RAM of the Galaxy S23 models announced in February.

Assuming that this leak holds, it means that the Samsung Galaxy S24 will offer a significant improvement in terms of performance from the Galaxy S23 – a device that also got some RAM upgrade. Hence, the next Samsung flagships are expected to come out with faster and more power-efficient standards.

Aside from this, the Samsung Galaxy S24 may come out with a faster Universal Flash Storage (UFS) technology, as suggested in the tipster's previous post.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 comes with a UFS 4.0 drive. If the rumor is true, the Samsung Galaxy S24 may come out with UFS 4.1 storage. The only problem is that this UFS technology has yet to be demonstrated as opposed to the faster RAM module.

As for the chipset, the Galaxy S24 series is expected to rely on Qualcomm's Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip, but other markets are likely to have the Samsung Exynos 2400.

For now, it would be best to take these with a grain of salt. The official specs of the Samsung Galaxy S24 series are expected to be announced in the coming months.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE
The Samsung Galaxy S24 is believed to be coming out with a powerful camera backed up by bigger RAM. Samsung