The Samsung Galaxy S3 is selling so quickly that U.S. carriers cannot keep up with the demand, but the device is not short of its problems.

Here are five compaints that have been reported since the phone's release:


Overheating was a problem commonly reported in the Galaxy S3's predecessor, but it seems to be persisting in the Galaxy S3. This is most likely thanks to the phone's thin chassis and plastic back cover, which do not insulate the heat from the battery.

Battery Drain

The battery drain issue has been reported for the international model of the phone. Consumers have complained that the phone uses a lot of battery, even when its not being used in standby mode. Reports suggest that the problem is due to the fact that the phone calculates 50 to 70 percent more power consumption then it actually uses. The problem is being resolved by correcting the value through a software update that will automatically be pushed out onto to the phone.

Some U.S. users have reported battery drainage issues also, when trying to connect to LTE. Here's a report from a Samsung Galaxy S3 forum.

There is definitely some type of bug that is draining Samsung S3 batteries. I can have days where my battery lasts all day with really heavy usage, and there are other days where I start losing about 10 percent of battery life every hour or more. You can tell when your battery is crashing because your phone will stay warm even if you close all open apps in task manager. . I am trying to pinpoint the cause, but it might be when the phone is struggling to connect to the LTE network.

Microphone Problem

The Samsung Galaxy S3's biggest problem is a microphone malfunction, according to Fix Ya. Users have complained that the volume levels come out low on the receiving end and the call is not clear. Fix Ya suggests updating the firmware first, and if that doesn't work, restoring the phone's factory settings.


Samsung Galaxy S3 users have complained that the phone takes a long time to charge and can get stuck on a certain percentage for over an hour at a time.

Wi-Fi Connection

Some users have reported that the Galaxy S3 easily drops signal when connected to Wi-Fi network. The company is working on a fix.

The S3 heralds a 4.8-inch screen, a Qualcomm S4 processor, voice control and face recognition. The new Super AMOLED display is 22 percent larger than its predecessor, bringing the phone into the Galaxy Note's phone/tablet hybrid category.

Samsung also launched a face recognition feature on its latest phone to the make the smartphone experience more natural. The phone uses its front camera to identify the user's eye movement and to ensure it never goes dark or switches off while the user is looking at the phone.

Samsung has also improved its voice control feature with a sophisticated, Siri-like, voice recognition system dubbed S voice. The service allows users to make verbal demands to control their phone. Texts and emails can be dictated and photographs can be taken through voice commands using the feature.

The S3 also includes an NFC chip, which enables content sharing -- including video -- through tapping two phones together. The chip can also be used to make mobile payments.

The new Pop up Play feature on the phone enables multitasking, allowing users to open a video in a window on-screen and then use other apps with the rest of the screen.


Screen size: 4.8 inch

Processor: Qualcomm S4 processor

Memory size: Up to 32 GB (+64 GB with card)

Operating system: Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Camera: eight megapixels

Weight: 133 grams

Dimensions: Height - 136mm

Width - 70mm

Depth - 8.5mm

Battery: 2100mAh