The Samsung Galaxy S4 has proved to be immensely popular, as about 10 million of the smartphones have been sold worldwide since its release about a month ago. However, many new Galaxy S4 owners have faced various issues with their handsets, with one of them being significant battery drain.

Initial reports on problems with the Samsung Galaxy S4 included complaints about the smartphone’s massive 2,600 mAh lithium-ion battery: Some users described the batteries as getting drained overnight, with charges of less than 50 percent remaining by morning.

These cases may be isolated, but they can also be easily prevented when Galaxy S4 owners take the proper steps. As an owner of a Galaxy S4 handset, I have yet to have any issues with my battery by adhering to a few simple rules. I have also discovered a host of other battery-saving techniques through research, including inquiries made of owners of other Samsung Galaxy S series devices.

Missed our first list of Samsung Galaxy S4 battery-maximizing tips? You can find them at “Samsung Galaxy S4 Review: 5 Ways To Maximize Battery Power.” And here are five more ways to maximize battery power.

6. Limit The Use Of GPS And Location Services

GPS is a great tool to help you find your way around and to optimize your experiences with various applications. However, a Samsung Galaxy S4 handset constantly pulling GPS signals will experience significant battery drain. GPS is one of those features that can be effectively turned on only when needed to conserve battery power. Obviously, GPS is used by such apps as Google Maps and many others that require it to pinpoint a user’s location for verification and other purposes. While such apps will be disabled with GPS and Wi-Fi turned off, both are quickly accessible through the Galaxy S4’s drop-down menu. Keeping GPS and Wi-Fi among the top five options on your special-features shortcut menu will make them among the easiest to access for quick enabling and disabling.

7. Limit Home-Screen Widgets, Live Wallpapers And Fancy Ringtones

Widgets, live wallpapers and fancy ringtones are great ways to customize your Samsung Galaxy S4 to your taste, but if you wish to use them, then you will definitely have to sacrifice battery power. Your battery life will fare much better should you do without some or all of these add-ons. I have not added any widgets to my Galaxy S4 handset and have even removed all the standard ones, except for the T-Mobile TV, Google Search and weather widgets. I don’t use live wallpapers, and I haven’t customized my ringtones as I have found benefits in keeping my ringer on the vibrate setting. However, you don’t have to be as drastic on your own smartphone: Pick one or two of three add-on options, and don’t go overboard with the ones you choose. For example: If you forgo live wallpapers, then you can have just a few of the widgets you deem most important on your home page, and have customized ringtones for a few important people.

8. Put Device On Airplane Mode When Out Of Signal Range

Most people don’t realize that when their Samsung Galaxy S4s -- or any handsets, for that matter -- are out of service range, such as when they are underground in a subway station, the smartphone will send out stronger signals in attempts to achieve a service connection. Differences in battery power may not be noticeable at first, but the battery drain could mean the difference between a warning battery and a critically low battery. Conserve battery power by putting your Galaxy S4 in Airplane mode when in areas where you know you cannot receive a signal. Airplane mode can be accessed by pressing down the power button on your handset as if you are turning it off or through the special-features shortcut menu.

9. Invest In An External Battery

Keeping a spare battery on hand is a great way to maintain full function of your Samsung Galaxy S4 handset in the event that your original battery loses power. While many people recommend using an official battery, such as the recently released Mugen Power 2750 mAh extended battery for the Samsung Galaxy S4, which sells for $44.50, a savvy owner should be able to navigate retailers such as Amazon and eBay for cheaper variants. Another option is the Zaggsparq portable battery and charger, which hold between one and four charges depending on the model. The Zaggsparq plugs in to the Galaxy S4 handset via a USB connection.

10. Unplug Your Handset Once It Is At 100 Percent Charge

Your Samsung Galaxy S4 handset will notify you when it is time to discharge because it is at full power. Leaving your handset charging longer than needed can wear away battery power over time. A good rule to follow to leave your Galaxy S4 discharged overnight (having used some or all of the tips above to conserve battery power), and charge your battery during the day when you can easily check to see whether your battery is at full power and ready to be discharged. Charging your phone overnight is a bad option as the battery should need only a hour or two at most to charge fully, after which the battery will be receiving power that it can’t store. Overcharging can lead to quicker battery depletion and quicker battery death in the long run.