In 2014, Samsung had launched its first curved smartphone, the Galaxy Note Edge. This year, it launched two handsets with dual-curved edge displays, the Galaxy S6 Edge and the Galaxy S6 Edge+. But new rumors have it that the South Korean tech giant will release only a single smartphone -- probably a Galaxy S7 variant -- with edge display in 2016.

Samsung released two variants of the Galaxy S6 this year, one sporting a regular display and the other one sporting a dual-edge curved display called the Galaxy S6 Edge. In the same way, the company is speculated to release a regular screen handset and a dual-edge display variant of the Galaxy S7.

Rumors are rife that Samsung is working on two editions of the Galaxy S7 with different screen sizes of 5.2 inches and 5.8 inches. The latter edition of the Galaxy S7 is likely to come with curved display, Tech Times reported.

Since the South Korean tech giant is speculated to release only one curved display smartphone next year, industry experts are of the view that the Edge display smartphone may not be very popular. When Samsung had released the Galaxy S6 Edge, it underestimated the popularity of the handset because of which it released the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus few months ago. However, it now seems that the excitement surrounding the curved display is decreasing, Digital Trends reported.

Tech Times added that even though the production cost of the purported Galaxy S7 Edge is very expensive, the South Korean company has already placed order for 8 million flexible displays per month for building the next generation flagship with curved display.

Recent rumors also suggest that the Samsung will introduce a newer kind of display technology that will respond to different touch pressures like the 3D Touch feature available on the Apple iPhone 6S. This feature is expected to be available on the Galaxy S7 as well as the Galaxy S7 Edge. Both variants are expected to get announced as early as February 2016.