Samsung is expected to go all out for its Galaxy S7 successor following the disappointment that the scrapped Note 7 caused. The Galaxy S8 has since been rumored to be bezel-less, prompting many to speculate that the fingerprint scanner would be placed underneath the display instead of a physical home button. This week, it appears we already have confirmation of the existence of this advanced fingerprint sensor.

On Tuesday, Synaptics proudly announced on its official website its high-tech and high-performance optical-based fingerprint sensor that can work through a 1mm cover glass. This simply means that the scanner would be fully functional sans a physical button. Moreover, this would allow smartphone makers to embrace button-free designs and focus more on all-glass handsets.

The fingerprint sensor, with the ID FS9100, is designed for both smartphones and tablets and it is made to respond to fingerprint scanning stimulus from under a cover glass, such as 2.5D glass. The leading developer of human interface solutions even pointed out that this technology is durable and it works even with wet fingers. It is also made to be scratch-proof.

The FS9100 utilizes Synaptics’ very own SentryPoint technology that ensures second-to-none authentication with the help of Quantum Matcher and PurePrint technology. PurePrint thoroughly examines detected images of fingerprints to identify the real ones from the fake copies.

Although Synaptics did not mention which companies are getting its advanced fingerprint sensors, PhoneArena claims the announcement pretty much confirms the use of display-embedded scanners for the Galaxy S8, given that Synaptics is actually one of Samsung’s component suppliers.

Since Samsung’s upcoming flagship smartphone is not arriving until the spring of 2017, consumers wouldn’t hear confirmations about the S8’s official features and specs until its almost time for the handset to be released. Nonetheless, the rumor mill will continue to churn speculations from insiders and industry sources until then.