Although the holidays are over, the folks over at Samsung have decided to throw in a little something extra for their loyal fan base. The Korean electronics manufacturer recently launched a promotion that promised a free Flip Cover and free NFC TecTiles in exchange for registering a device.

The offer applied to the owners of two of Samsung’s most popular smartphones: the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note 2. The deal extended to Samsung users anywhere in the US, and requires owners to register their device on the company’s Facebook Owner’s Hub. Samsung has referred to this reward as a “customized care package” of accessories in return for the registration.

These Flip Covers are exactly what the name implies—a case for the device that flips open and closed via a flap on the front. This gives the device a folio type of look while keeping the screen protected. Flip Covers are secured to a Galaxy Note 2 or Galaxy S3 device by replacing the handset’s battery cover, ensuring that it will not slip off the smartphone.

The TecTiles included in Samsung’s promo are adhesive NFC tags that allow devices to easily switch between different modes. This includes silent mode or driving mode, for example, which can be changed easily by simply tapping the sticker. These TecTiles can also be preset to automatically load certain apps for Web pages.

However, in exchange for these goodies users have shared some personal details with Samsung. The registration required a user’s basic Facebook information including name, gender, any networks he or she is in and other public information on the website.

This hasn’t deterred Samsung device owners, as the company was forced to announce that it was out of stock of these accessories shortly after the promotion launched. Samsung promises that users will still enjoy “insider information & deals” for registering, but some device owners were not so pleased with supply shortage.

“Having this promotion end less than 12 hours from the outset,” one user commented below the Facebook post. “If the quantities were so limited then why have your customers just end up disappointed with this post? Thought this was a fun marketing idea, now I feel kinda tricked.”

“It’s over…All the free covers are gone…And they don’t tell you this until after you’ve registered? Rip off!” wrote another user.

While Samsung fans can no longer get these accessories for free, there are some noteworthy deals floating around The Samsung branded Flip Cover case is still priced at $34.99, but Note 2 owners can purchase Bear Motion’s Premium Folio Case in various colors for only about $12. Unlike Samsung’s case, this one includes the same cover flap but can also be folded into a kickstand.

As for the Galaxy S3, there are a wide range of cases priced less than $10 that can be found on From soft themed covers such as the Nintendo Gameboy Soft Skin and Coca Cola Red Classic to flip cases, Amazon has quite an offering. TecTiles are slightly pricier, but users can purchase them for the Galaxy S3 and Note 2 in quantities that range from a five pack for $10.99 or a 20 pack for $25.99.