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Samsung has been poking fun at Apple over "Bendgate," but the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (pictured) has had some design issues of its own. Samsung Mobile Press

Samsung Electronics Co. is having a field day teasing Apple Inc. about the recent iPhone 6 “Bendgate” fiasco. But the Korean manufacturer has also taken the opportunity to show off the strength of its new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphone.

In a new promotional video, Samsung puts the Galaxy Note 4 up against a butt -- yes, a butt -- to see whether the device bends under pressure. This was the issue with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus; a number of early adopters reported that their iPhones were bending while being carried in their pockets. Pundits also demonstrated that the iPhone 6 Plus bends under the force of someone intentionally attempting to bend the phone with their hands. From this, Bendgate was born and became not only became a trending topic on Twitter but also great fodder for Samsung.

Samsung put its Galaxy Note 4 under stress tests that simulated a 220-pound man sitting with a handset in his back pocket “several hundred times,” and the Galaxy Note 4 came out unscathed. Samsung credits the device’s metal frame and magnesium bracket for its durability, which is interesting considering that until this year the manufacturer stubbornly refused to release metal phones and opted for polycarbonate plastic chasses.

note 4 butt
Samsung's back pocket stress test simulates the weight of a 220lb man. Screencap/Samsung

But the Galaxy Note 4 is not the only Samsung device that has proved sturdy under pressure. Tests from Consumer Reports concluded that the Galaxy Note 3 was among the strongest devices on the market. During a stress test, the device was able to withstand 150 pounds of force before it deformed and its display separated from the assembly. In comparison, the iPhone 6 deformed at 100 pounds, while the iPhone 6 plus deformed at 110 pounds.

Samsung has also used the Galaxy Note 3 to take a few shots at Apple. When Bendgate first surfaced, the manufacturer released an ad that read "Bend to those who are worthy," depicting an iPhone 6 handset kneeling to a Galaxy Note 3.

But Samsung has had some design issues of its own recently. With the Galaxy Note 4 already on sale in select markets like China and South Korea, early adopters discovered gaps within the device’s frame. The issue was dubbed “Gapgate.” Samsung says the gaps are not a design flaw but rather a feature of the smartphone.