Samsung Horticulture LED Lighting
Samsung has expanded its LED digital component solutions with new lighting products for plants. Samsung Newsroom

Samsung Electronics has introduced new lighting products that help accelerate the growth of plants and their photosynthesis. The South Korean giant is showcasing its new horticulture LEDs at LIGHTFAIR International 2018 in Chicago, Illinois this week.

Samsung announced via its online newsroom Wednesday that it has expanded its LED component solutions with the introduction of its new horticulture LED lineup. The lineup is composed of a newly developed “red LED package” and upgraded “white LED” packages and modules.

The red LED package is for the new product called LH351B Red that’s capable of providing a wavelength of 660 nanometers. Samsung said this wavelength is the most suitable in hastening the growth of plants, the process of photosynthesis and the blooming of flowers.

Samsung said that the new red LED package has a very low thermal resistance, so it enables easier heat dissipation within LED luminaires. The product’s electrode pad design offers remarkable PCB design flexibility in luminaire manufacturing as well.

In addition to the LH351B Red, Samsung has also upgraded its existing mid-power “white LED” packages (LM301B, LM561C) and two linear modules (Q-series and H inFlux).

Samsung also told Yonhap that its upgraded solutions stand out from their rivals due to their high power efficiency. The company even claimed that the upgrades enable farmers to “better control temperatures in almost any greenhouse environment and save on energy costs.”

“Our horticulture LED solutions are based on LED technologies that deliver proven levels of performance and reliability across an extensive range of lighting applications,” Samsung’s LED Business Team VP Yoonjoon Choi said. “By broadening our lineup to include horticulture LEDs, we are providing global luminaire manufacturers with a one-stop resource for these solutions as well as for our many other LED technologies.”

Samsung’s horticulture lighting lineup is currently being showcased at LIGHTFAIR from May 8–10.