Samsung has recently announced that it’s offering a bundle of its flagship devices for its 10th Anniversary for the Galaxy product series. Customers availing the bundle will have the latest Galaxy smartphone, tablet, smart watch, and even the earphones for this purchase. On the other end, Samsung’s latest flagship has yet to take the top spot of the industry.

As seen on the official Samsung Newsroom site, the Samsung Galaxy Anniversary Premium Package will be available soon. The package will contain three of Samsung’s flagship devices, namely the Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone, Galaxy Watch Active2 and the GalaxyBuds earphones. Both devices are currently Samsung’s flagship for its smartphone, smartwatch and earpiece lines.

The Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Watch Active 2 also comes with an added silicon case and new smartwatch straps. Users are also provided a way to customize and showoff their 10th anniversary purchases from Samsung. Alternatively, the bundle could also be used to share the three devices to different family members and friends.

While Samsung is happy to introduce the new bundle for its fans, the company has yet to reveal its release date and pricing details. Fans will have to wait until Samsung reveals these details in a later date. The holiday season and Black Friday sales are incoming and Samsung will definitely take advantage of those dates.

Meanwhile, Samsung has yet to experience major success with its flagship devices. It has yet to enjoy similar success as Apple’s iPhone 11 which has seen many fans picking up the device. On the other hand, Huawei is still doing well despite the trade ban preventing it from working with American companies and selling devices in the U.S.

Potentially, the Samsung Galaxy Anniversary Premium Package is one of the company’s plans to stay competitive with its rivals. As of now, the Samsung Galaxy S10 is priced at around $799. The upcoming package could be sold at a higher price as it has the Galaxy Watch Active2 smartwatch and the Galaxy Buds earphones included with the smartphone.

For now, fans will have to wait until the package is released to pre-order it soon.