Samsung has been awarded a patent for OLED displays. Getty Images/JUNG YEON-JE

Samsung is planning to introduce new Tizen OS-running smartphones next year. As part of its preparations, it has launched an incentive program for app developers to create more applications for the Linux-based operating system.

According to VentureBeat, Samsung has decided to create the Tizen Mobile App Incentive Program as part of its efforts to increase the number of apps available for Tizen devices. Through this incentive program, app developers can earn $10,000 for an app that manages to emerge as part of the top 100 most-downloaded apps list on the Tizen Store.

Each month, developers can earn cash prizes as long as their apps continue to be among the most successful applications on the Tizen Store. The incentives will be available starting in February 2017 and will last until October of the same year. This just means that Samsung is willing to spend $1 million each month for nine consecutive months just to ensure that its Tizen Store will be filled with quality apps.

The official site of the incentive program states that interested app developers can register to participate starting the month of January. Signing up for the program will require one to provide basic information of the app he or she has created for the Tizen Store.

Samsung also stated that developers should focus on creating apps that target its Tizen OS-running devices, namely: the Samsung Z1, Samsung Z2 and Samsung Z3. The company specified that the apps should also be useful for the upcoming Tizen smartphones that are going to launch next year.

Engadget claims that the reason why Samsung launched the Tizen Mobile App Incentive Program is it wants to further invest on and develop its own ecosystem. The tech site added this move is also a direct response to Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones that come with exclusive Android features.

Even though its clear that Samsung is serious in developing its Tizen OS, the company did say back in May that Android shall remain the OS of choice for its high-end and flagship handsets. Mihai Pohontu, Samsung's vice president for emerging platforms, stated at the time that Tizen basically serves as “one of the ways we can sell smartphones at very low cost in emerging markets.”

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