Samsung may have already introduced the Gear S3 to the market, but that does not mean that it is already done with the Gear S2. The South Korea giant continues to update the 1-year-old smartwatch, and the latest of which arrived earlier today.

Samsung took to its Newsroom to announce the release of the value pack update for the Gear S2. This software update is said to enrich the user experience of the wearable now that it is getting certain features and functions that were introduced with the Gear S3. Samsung revealed that this update is available for download in major markets this Monday, while other parts of the world should wait a little longer because the update is arriving in their regions in the coming weeks.

The best addition to the Gear S2 via this value pack update are the security and safety features. For users who have installed this update, they can now use the location-tracking system that involves Glympse and Safety Partner. When a user presses the home button three times, the smartwatch is sending out an SOS alert that will be helpful to the receiver. The receiver can track the location of the wearable using the location-sharing app Glympe. Safety Partner, on the other hand, ensures that the user can connect to security firms he or she has signed up for.

Another upgrade has to do with activity tracking. S Health on the Gear S2 has been updated to have automatic recognizing abilities for more activities. The range of activities it supports now includes running, walking, cycling, elliptical, rowing and intense activities that belong to “Other Workouts.” Repetitions in gym workouts can also be detected automatically with the update. Thus, Auto Pause will temporarily stop the tracking functions once the wearer has stopped and they will only resume once another rep has started.

Meanwhile, the most obvious upgrade is found on the home screen. Phone Arena has learned that the Gear S2 now has access to the Gear S3 watchface. This would be handy for users who are already bored of the Gear S2 faces. The Reminders app and the Alti-Barometer are also made available for the Gear S2 via the value pack update.

When it comes to the communications functionality of the wearable, the bezel can now be used in handling calls and alerts. Then, there is also the big improvement in the messaging app because it now supports handwriting in English, Korean and Chinese. The messaging app also allows users to insert tiny sketches in their messages. Users who do not want to create messages by writing on the screen may also rely on the voice-input option from now on.

Users will also notice how the Gear S2 now has wider support for third-party widgets. Some of the widgets that have been added to the device are from popular apps, such as Yelp, Uber, USA Today and many more. Finally, the Gear S2 update also brings support for more interactive games, such as “Stack” and “Monster Vampire.” The Galaxy Apps store also features over 100 titles, so everyone can really enjoy the smartwatch experience.