As 2020 nears, now is the time to say goodbye to some old friends and familiar faces in the tech and automotive industry. These products and services are going to the wayside in 2020, and now is the time to cash in on them or say goodbye forever.

Windows 7

Starting on Jan. 14, Microsoft (MSFT) will stop supporting Windows 7 and will eventually force users to upgrade as internet browsers and other programs stop their compatibility with the PC program, USA Today reported. But not to worry as your computer will reportedly continue to work with the operating system for the time being until you are forced to say goodbye for good.

Yahoo Groups

Another technology segment that is letting go for 2020 is Yahoo Groups – a website started in 2001 that hosted social groups and message boards. The site shutdown on Oct. 28, prohibiting any further posting and will finally meet its demise on Dec. 14, when it will disappear for good, according to USA Today. Users are urged to save any content from the site before that date, as email will reportedly be the only way that users will be able to communicate going forward.

PlayStation Vue

Even streaming services are not immune to elimination in 2020, as Sony’s (SNE) PlayStation Vue will reportedly end user operation on Jan. 30. The streaming and live TV service will instead focus on its “core gaming business” despite monthly plans that reached as high as $84.99 a month.

Ford Flex

Several automakers have also discontinued certain car models within their lineup for 2020, with one of the most notable being Ford (F). Ford will discontinue the Flex SUV after 11 years of production due to sluggish sales, according to the news outlet. The SUV, which had a strong following in 2009 and 2010, has seen sales shrink to around a reported 20,000 units, which has forced Ford to push the Flex to its grave.

Shares of Microsoft stock were down 0.38% as of 3:39 p.m. EST on Tuesday while shares of Sony stock were up 0.41% and shares of Ford stock were up 0.50% at the same time.

Packages of the new Windows operating system, Windows 7 sit on a desk before being installed in Golden
All editions of Windows 7 have reached end of life. Users are advised to upgrade to Windows 10. REUTERS