microsoft scrap feature
Microsoft is planning to scrap one of Windows' most iconic features. Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Windows is not exactly known for shedding legacy code. Indeed, one of the advantages of Windows over Mac is the compatibility with older software, thanks to Microsoft baking in support into newer versions. But Brandon LeBlanc, senior program manager on the Windows Insider team, has revealed Microsoft plans to kill off one of Windows' oldest features.

The Control Panel, which first made its appearance in 1987 with the launch of Windows 2.0, is set for the chop in a future Windows 10 update. That's because Windows has a new settings app that duplicates some of the old Control Panel's functionality. "Settings" was built from the ground up for touch interfaces and modern inputs, and LeBlanc has confirmed that Settings is the future.

But Windows 10 does include a new Continuum mode, which means a different interface is displayed when using a tablet mode instead of a traditional desktop. Why not just display the Control Panel while the computer is in desktop mode? Gabriel Aul, vice president of the Windows and devices engineering systems team, explained that this would cause big headaches for the team.

The Control Panel was introduced at a tipping point in computer history, when computers were starting to become the standard equipment for the office worker. As the home computer rose in popularity, the Control Panel was the go-to destination for changing any settings when the user was unsure where to look. Settings is undeniably more suitable for modern times, but the passing of the Control Panel represents the end of an era in computing history.