• Gifts are an important part of powering up in "Scarlet Nexus"
  • The store sells a number of gifts near the beginning of the game
  • Gifts can also be found during missions and as rewards from side quests

Raising bond levels with companions is an essential part of “Scarlet Nexus,” as having higher bond levels grants players access to strong perks and abilities. Raising bond ranks can be a little slow, but players can speed this process up by giving teammates gifts.

Much like in other RPGs, bond levels can be increased by gifting certain items to specific characters. The more a character likes a gift, the more their bond level increases. However, gift items in “Scarlet Nexus” are a little hard to come by, and the game doesn’t exactly specify that there are multiple places where players can get these items.

Players must reach a certain point in the story before they can start forming bonds and giving gifts to their teammates. Once they reach this point, a tutorial menu will pop up, saying that gifts can be purchased from the in-game Store for credits and materials.

Scarlet Nexus is an anime-style action RPG set in a futuristic world with a brain-punk theme and surreal art style
Scarlet Nexus is an anime-style action RPG set in a futuristic world with a brain-punk theme and surreal art style Bandai Namco

The gifts can be found under the Exchange tab in the store. Players will have to collect the necessary materials required for each gift in order to purchase them. Such materials are either dropped by monsters or found as world drops in the form of white pickups.

Gifts can also be found in different spots across each map, encouraging players to thoroughly explore every area if they want to find all of the unique gifts hidden in missions. Some side quests also reward gifts along with other useful items like money and consumables.

Once a player obtains a gift, they have to give it to the character they want to raise their bond with. Approach a character in the hideout during Standby phases and select the “Gift” option upon interacting with them. This will open up a window showing all of the available gifts that players can give.

Be mindful when giving gifts to characters because not every item will raise their bond levels. Gifts often have descriptions about which characters will appreciate them the most. Alternatively, players can highlight a gift at the store or on the inventory and check the character portraits at the bottom right of the menu to see who likes what.