• Gold can be earned by looting treasure or completing jobs
  • Max out trader reputation for the best-paying voyages
  • World events also reward decent loot

Swimming in piles of gold is any aspiring pirate’s dream. In “Sea of Thieves,” money can be earned by looting treasure, doing jobs for trading companies, fighting and stealing loot from other crews and any possible combination of the three.

Making money can be a hassle in the beginning, especially since most payouts are incredibly low. However, with a skilled crew, even fresh pirates can make a killing out in the open seas.

Here are a few of the best ways to make money in “Sea of Thieves.”

Increase Trader Reputation

Doing trading company jobs is the most straightforward way of earning money in the game. It’ll be very slow and tedious at first, but players will be able to take on more difficult and rewarding quests in the future if they are able to raise their reputation.

Higher-tier quests cost a bit of gold to take, but the rewards are well worth the effort and initial investment.

Raise Emissary Flags

Raising trader reputation levels will eventually allow players to raise emissary flags. Completing voyages with an emissary flag hoisted will give players more rewards than usual, and this can be boosted even further depending on the player’s Emissary Grade.

Simply put, try to concentrate all efforts on maxing out one trader’s reputation. Then, once emissary flags become available, do as many jobs for them as possible to gain the most money per run.

Fighting Skeleton Ships

Occasionally, players will see galleon-shaped clouds in the sky. This marks the location of a ghost fleet event, which will spawn wave after wave of hostile ships. These vessels are all manned by skeletons, and they will fire upon anyone who crosses their paths.

Sink all of the ships to gain a generous haul of skeleton-themed loot. Be careful though, as other pirates may be lying in wait.

Siren Treasuries

Treasuries, which are marked on the world map, can be raided for a fair bit of loot. Go above the swirling masses of pink and blue energy on the ocean and dive deep into the ocean floor. Be brave.

Once at the bottom, look for a glowing coral near a cave entrance. Hit the coral and pass through the barrier. Once the crew is inside, head into the main chamber and fight through waves of sea creatures and merfolk. Beat them all and claim the treasure inside.

Siren Treasuries lie behind these underwater cave entrances
Siren Treasuries lie behind these underwater cave entrances Rare