• "Sea of Thieves: A Pirate's Life" is the latest update of the game
  • Its third quest is called Captain of the Damned 
  • "Sea of Thieves" players need to find Captain Jack Sparrow in this Tall Tale

The Captain of the Damned Tall Tale is the third quest in the recently launched "Sea of Thieves: A Pirate's Life" update. This guide aims to help players successfully complete this Tall Tale.

The Captain of the Damned Tall Tale takes place immediately after the ending of the second Tall Tale called The Sunken Pearl. Players can activate the quest by reading the third book right next to the Castaway's Camp. The Castaway will inform players that she and Gibbs are working to bring Captain Jack Sparrow to safety.

Players will receive Jack Sparrow's compass to help them locate the lost captain. After this, they have to sail to a portal near the Outpost that will bring them to the Sea of the Damned. Players should make sure that they have no treasure onboard their ship before getting into the portal.

Sea of Thieves Pirates
Pirates from the upcoming "Sea of Thieves" by Rare

As soon as players are in the portal, they will enter a loading zone dubbed as the Tunnels of the Damned. Once inside, they won't be able to steer the ship or get off the boat. Instead, they can only ride along and listen to the ghostly apparitions. As the ship exits another portal, players will reach the Sea of the Damned.

Once "Sea of Thieves: A Pirate's Life" players resume control of the ship, they should go to the island straight ahead and into the greenish swampy area. The arch's forcefield will spark some torches to the west as players get closer. After docking the ship and disembarking, players need to follow the torches' path and periodically check on Captain Jack Sparrow's compass to make sure they are going in the right direction.

This path will lead players to a shipwreck called the Blue Bayou. They should climb up the Blue Bayou using the rock that sticks out of it. Players should then head to the captain's quarter using their lanterns. They will have to take the Flame of Souls from the candle on the captain's desk once they get there.

After that, players should head out and look for a rowboat in the northern part of the ship. They should ride in the rowboat and head north down the river. Players will eventually reach their docked ship and across the ship's location is a big wooden hut.

It is important that players go to the wooden hut, climb the ladder up and light a couple of torches on either of its sides. Several souls will then appear below and players should light the candle that corresponds to any soul with an unlit candle. A popular pirate by the name of Tia Dalma will appear and allow them to cross the green forcefield that blocks the ship's way.

This completes the quest's Ghost of the Bayou Commendation. Players should then get back in their ship and sail to the tall tower in the southwest. They should dock the ship at the lit-up place and disembark.

There is a skeleton with an unlit lantern on the dock and players should light its lantern. Because of this, all the torches lining up in front of the players will light up. Players must follow the path and proceed to the large fort as soon as the gate lowers.

At this point, "Sea of Thieves" players should light four braziers located in the middle of the area. They must jump down and into the water afterward to find a skeleton with a lock pick. They should then proceed to the large stone building and use the lock pick to get through the gate and climb the ladder inside.

Before climbing the rope, players should slash the rope in the pulley, so the wooden crates would fall. They could use these crates to get to the other side of the barrier with stairs. Players should ascend the stairs and they will find another puller, which they will use to lower a cage.

When the cage is close enough, they could jump inside and they will be lifted to the top of the fort's wall. Players should then get out of the cage and proceed to the right where they will find some platforms. They have to climb across the platform then use the ladder and reach another passage.

Players should then go past the cannons on the wall to get into a gap. They need to jump over it but with a running start. After players' successful cross, they must use the pulley to lower the elevator and get inside. They will then be lifted higher.

Players must get out of the elevator and light the lighthouse with a brazier. They should light the beacon after. They must do the same to the second beacon, which is on the left side next to a mountain. They should move the beacon to locate the third and then the fourth and fifth beacon, repeating the same steps.

A battle will start as soon as "Sea of Thieves" players light the last beacon. It will be led by Phantoms and Black Dog Briar. Players should fight the Phantoms and Black Dog Briar to complete the Captain of Memories Commendation.

A couple of beacons will light up across the sea after the Phantoms are gone. "Sea of Thieves" players should get back in their ship and sail to the beacons' location where they will enter into a cave that leads to Isla Tesoro. Players can either dock their ship at the town and go straight to complete different Commendations or they can go right and continue with the story.

Either way, players will end up going to the wall with cannons on it. They should use the stairs at the end of the wall and fight some Phantoms. They should follow the path and defeat the Phantoms to reach the courtyard where Black Dog is waiting.

Players should defeat him to remove the Phantom fleet in the town. After eliminating Briar, players should get back on their ship and sail toward the newly lit beacons across the sea. This will lead them to the Black Pearl and will meet Davy Jones and the Flying Dutchman.

A battle will start between the factions but players should sail toward the beacons to reach the Tavern of the Damned. Inside the tavern, they will find the Cursed Captain and Jack Sparrow. Jack does not want to leave the tavern, but Pendragon will appear to convince him.

Players should hand Jack his compass and he will come aboard the players' ship. Sailing through the portal and back to the menu completes the Captain of the Damned Tall Tale of "Sea of Thieves: A Pirate's Life."