Sea of Thieves
Some players are calling out Rare for the missing content in “Sea of Thieves.” Sea of Thieves website

Is “Sea of Thieves” the next “No Man’s Sky”? Apparently, some players are now calling out developer Rare for the alleged “lies” it made prior the launch of the shared world action-adventure game last March 20. They claim that there are missing items in the game. Items that were mentioned before the game’s release.

On Sunday, Reddit user fxgod started a thread, entitled “Can we take a minute to take about lies that ‘Sea of Thieves’ developers said prior game launch about the content that is not there?” In his post, the Redditor expressed his disappointment over some things that he and other players noticed post-launch.

One issue being raised is the fact that there are 132 items missing from the official “Sea of Thieves” game. Those 132 items were noticeably present in the beta and demo versions, so it comes as a surprise why they did not make it to the final version.

Redditor NoobySoft echoed the same sentiment in a separate thread, saying, “I usually don’t make reddit posts but when the actual game released I couldn’t help but feel a sense of disappointment … There has been a lot of videos, trailers and pictures about ‘Sea of Thieves’ before release but almost none of the cosmetics shown is in the actual game.”

Another thing that irked fans is Rare’s statement that “the game begins when you reach pirate legend.” Players found that this is quite far from the truth. According to fxgod, there is no such thing in the actual game. He also pointed out that there are no legendary ships and players only get one new cosmetic set.

“Rare hyped the end game, saying how the true game begins after you grind and grind to reach LVL 50 (which seems artificially capped), but there is NO EXTRA CONTENT or half of the promised things. It is basically nothing,” fxgod wrote.

Other players who have since joined the thread claimed that the things that are happening with “Sea of Thieves” seem similar to what Sean Murray did with “No Man’s Sky.” One Reddit user with the handle no99sum even stated, “Developers lie about game features to make more sales. Sean Murray with ‘No Man’s Sky’ was the master of this. He lied about ‘NMS’ and made tens of millions in sales directly as a result of the lies. He even kept lying after launch for a few days to boost sales.”

Meanwhile, there are also players who aren’t pleased with the comparison. User Prince_Perseus wrote, “I don’t like people equating this game to ‘No Man’s Sky.’ What ‘No Man’s Sky’ did was something special. The fake footage and outright lies in yes or no questions about massive features in the game really cannot be equated to missing content from demos/betas and an over-hyped endgame.” He also pointed out that Rare is releasing free expansions, so it remains to be seen whether the developer really lied about some aspects of “Sea of Thieves.”

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