• "SEAL Team" Seaosn 3, episode 18 will not air this week
  • The plot of the next episode will be about hunting terrorists in Afghanistan
  • Clay will play a big role in the next episode

“SEAL Team” Season 3, episode 18 will not be airing this week. The show will be on a short break before returning with another action packed adventure. The next episode will be the last of the show for a while because the cast and crew were forced to stop production because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Bravo Team is currently in Afghanistan. According to the official plot synopsis of the next episode, the team will search for the new leader of a terrorist group that has been launching attacks to scuttle the delicate peace negotiations.

Clay (Max Thieriot) will play an important role in the next episode. He will learn firsthand what it takes to be a leader of a team.

Meanwhile, Sonny (A.J. Buckley) will continue to stay in Texas and miss all the action in Afghanistan. The character is there as punishment for a bar fight that got out of hand, but this will prove to be a blessing in disguise because it will give the character a chance to mend his relationship with his father in “SEAL Team” Season 3, episode 18.

Clay will have his hands full in the next episode. Thieriot told TV Insider in a recent interview that his character will find himself in “one of the worst places” in Afghanistan. He will be with a group of guys who are not from SEAL teams and they will all be outmanned and outgunned at the combat outpost.

What makes this particular mission to Afghanistan different is that each member of the team is dealing with some personal issues. In another interview with TV Insider, Thieriot pointed out that the team is “super shook up” because everyone has some issue to deal with, including Jason (David Boreanaz).

The soldiers will have all the time to get over their personal issues and focus on the mission because they are on a three-month deployment in Afghanistan, TV Insider reported. The team is also learning how to operate in a new environment because they have never been a part of this type of negotiations before.

“SEAL Team” Season 3, episode 18 is titled “Edge of Nowhere.” It will air on April 22 at 9 p.m. EDT on CBS.

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