Ray (Neil Brown Jr.) will take over as Bravo 1 in “Seal Team” Season 3, episode 8. The preview videos show the soldiers taking on another dangerous mission while Jason (David Boreanaz) deals with recovery after his injury.

Jason is supposed to sit on the sidelines and recover in the next episode. But, will he keep away from the action? The leader of the Bravo Team has been dealing with stress related issues, especially with the surgery he is supposed to undergo.

A promo video of the next episode shows Bravo Team heading out for a mission while Jason gets a word of advice about how to deal with the present situation. The only way for Boreanaz’s character to get back into the field is to get that hip surgery, and it appears as though he will get it done.

A sneak peek scene of “Seal Team” Season 3, episode 8 shows Sonny Quinn (A.J. Buckley) having a chat about relationship troubles and learning from the problems before Lisa Davis (Toni Trucks) walks into the gym. There will be an awkward moment between the two characters as Sonny pretends to be focused on his workout and ignores Lisa.

While Sonny may not be the best at dealing with his own problems, he seems to have all the answers that Jason is currently seeking. Another clip shows Sonny telling Jason about how some problems can’t be solved by shooting at it. He explains that the only way to deal with the problems that can’t be seen is dealing with them head on.

Meanwhile, the work continues for Bravo Team, A sneak peek scene from the next episode shows the soldiers getting a briefing about their next mission. A pilot has gone missing in hostile territory, and the team will be tasked with the rescue mission.

“Seal Team” Season 3, episode 8 is titled “Danger Crossing.” It will  air on Nov. 27 at 9 p.m. EST on CBS.