With the final release of SeaMonkey 2.1, an open-source web browser has been unveiled which is on par with Firefox4 in terms of Java script speed and the latest web standards support.

Mozilla Firefox 4 has stolen the limelight of the entire browser component of the Mozilla Suite.

SeaMonkey reflects the features of the Mozilla suite -- tablet web browser, advanced e-mail and newsgroup client, IRC chat client, and HTML editing made simple.

While Mozilla later focused on development of Firefox and Thunderbird, SeaMonkey ensures of having every feature in it, stable for corporate use.

Apart from sporting the 4 best features of Firefox, such as the new add-on manager, support for lightweight themes (Personas), Sync support, SeaMonkey also has a new Data Manager that lets the user view his or her privacy settings, and private data in one central page. Firefox is yet to upgrade with this feature.