Yes, supermodels are gorgeous and were born with arguably perfect genetic coding making them appear so much more glam than the rest of us. But the models need help too, and the experts behind the scenes have all the secrets for perfection. IBTimes spoke to some of the top makeup and nail artists throughout the course of New York Fashion Week, who revealed their secrets for flawless runway beauty and their makeup weapons of choice as well as their inside scoop on hottest trends and products for the upcoming seasons.

Edward Cruz, Beauty Expert

"I'm really into highlighter right now on the cheekbones. Use a little bit on the upper cheekbone like the outer part of the eye. It really opens up the eye brightens the face, lifts up the cheek a bit. It makes you look a lot younger. All ages can use it." Cruz recommends Shiseido Blanc.

His favorite trend: Dual-colored lips

"My favorite thing right now is the dual sided lips... brick red with the glaze in the center. You get a bold color, it's very quick and easy. Do the outer part of the bottom lip bold like brick red and then take a light color. Just put it in the center and go." Cruz recommends the original Viva Glam from M.A.C. with a mahogany lip pencil to achieve a "gradation of color."

Talia Shobrook (Laura Mercier), Lead Makeup Artist for Jenny Packham
"I always like a sculpted look. What I normally do is get a big brush and get a bronzer and do a three. It gives dimension to the face. Use bronzer to sculpt."

The product she cannot live without: Laura Mercier Faux-Lash

"I cannot live without this, at the moment," Shobrook said, holding the mascara. "You can get any type of lash with this. It doesn't dry matte, so you have that kind of glossy look which really makes the eyes sparkle. Also, If you want to get a thicker lash line, get a liquid liner and just literally dot it between the lashes and it's going to give you that really full lash."

Roque Cozzette (Path McGrath of Streeters London), Makeup Artist for Reem Acra
"Don't wear makeup," Cozzette joked. "The key to [not wearing makeup] is to apply it so well using brushes. Brushes are essential so that you don't look like you're wearing makeup."

His must-have product: Eyelash curler

"Eyelash curlers are essential because that picks up the eye. So even if you're tired, you can curly the lash. Even if you're not wearing mascara, it gives that lift to the eye that will give you a more awake appearance."

On wearing makeup in 2012: Powder

"If you need foundation for correction, fine. But get a good powder. Right now, with digital formats and cameras and high definition filming, things are appearing more shiny and glossy than they are. So you don't want to get caught on film when you're not powdered."

Danielle Klatsky, Lead Makeup Artist for Korto Momolu
"My number one tip is moisturize. Applying moisturizer with your foundation brush first will make your foundation last longer, and look smoother. And when you go to apply your foundation, with the same brush, you will get an even, streak free coverage."

Lisa Logan (Celebrity Manicurist), Lead Nail Artist for Falguni & Shane Peacock
"Sometimes less is more. It's smart to have a full coverage color. It's better to have no base coat, one full cover and a quick drying top coat. It looks from the average eye from a distance like a full base coat, two colors and a top but you only have two steps."

On making nail polish last: Base coats
"If you want a week, the important thing is having a base coat, but a really good base coat that you can trust. The concept of base coat is to stick to your nail but sticks the polish to it. The top coat is to seal it all in. They kind of work together. Their purpose is to work together so that they can last. When you get a great base coat and a great top coat, that's what gives you life." Logan recommends the Cutica by Zoya Natural Growth Stimulator. "It's a nail hardener but it lasts. You will see your nails get stronger."

Her nail trend predictions: Color
"Everyone still loves color. Color isn't going away. I hope color never goes away because this has blown life, it has revived the nail industry like nobody's business. Nails are that hot right now."

Ashanta, Lead Makeup Artist for Czar by Cesar Galindo
"This kinds of scares women but if you have to go out all night, like a red carpet event or holiday party, spray hairspray on your face. I learned that from drag queens. Spray it on your face and your makeup won't budge. Believe it or not, hairspray has the same proponents as makeup fixing sprays. The same chemical component, just in a different form."