Self Pop Tart
Reba McEntire gets served on "Self Pop Tart."

Remember those infamous MySpace photos where users would take a self-portrait using a camera and a mirror? They were loathed by many who did not understand Tom Anderson and his crew.

Self Pop Tart is the answer all those haters have been looking for. Self Pop Tart proves to mock all of those ridiculous self-portraits.

The vanity shot that became MySpace's legacy once flooded the internet when the social media platform reined king. Now that Facebook has taken over, and candid group shots are in, there is reason enough to mock those self-portraits.

That is where Self Pop Tart comes in.

The tumblr features a slew of armature photographers who once used the mirror (or the reflection in it) as their muse.

Self Pop Tart takes this kind of photo, Photoshops the camera/cell phone out, and replaces it with a Pop-Tart. Yes, a Pop Tart; a frosted breakfast pastry.

The final product is both hilarious and delicious.

Though many of the images are of former MySpacers and young muscular men with their shirts off, Self Pop Tart even features one celebrity culprit, Reba McEntire.

The creators of the site requests users to Send all ridiculous self portraits to

IBTimes got in touch with Kevin Patrick Hanley, the founder of Self Pop Tart who is an out-of-work marketing consultant and graphic designer.

I started this mainly out of necessity. I had taken a photo of myself that I rather liked -- the background, not the subject -- but felt conflicted about how obvious and pompous my iPhone looked. I thought 'Is there any way to make this look less like a self-absorbed thing and more like a 'WTF' thing?' said Hanley.

And the answer came quickly enough - put a Pop Tart where the camera is. It's possible there was a pop tart within arms reach of me at the time, but I can't confirm this.

What I find amusing about it: To me, it's very zen. As silly as that sounds, it's true. It really is simple and complex simultaneously. The photos work comically and esthetically at a glance, but also ask questions about how we see ourselves when pondered, he added.

The mirror used to be a very intimate moment, but like all things in this age, privacy has been flipped on it's head.

And lastly: who doesn't like Pop Tarts?

The Huffington Post rated one of its top 7 Sites You Should Be Wasting Time On Right Now.

Some have said that they think the Pop Tart makes the models in the photos look that much better. Or maybe they were just hungry.

The moral of this story seems to be: steer clear of the mirror self-portrait, or risk being Pop Tart material.

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