‘Shades Of Blue’
Can Harlee (Jennifer Lopez) trust Tess (Drea de Matteo) with a secret in “Shades of Blue” Season 2, episode 5? NBC

Shades of Blue” Season 2, episode 5 will see Harlee Santos (Jennifer Lopez) being framed for someone’s murder.

In “Sweet Caroline,” someone will be targeting Harlee, and by the looks of it, Stahl (Warren Kole) has something to do with it. Harlee’s gun will be used to murder James’ (Gino Anthony Pesi) ex-fiancée, Caroline (Mimi Michaels). In the previous episode, Harlee was at her boyfriend’s apartment when Caroline called James. She asked him if she could go up to his unit, but he refused because Harlee was there. When Harlee left, she saw Caroline at the lobby. They spoke to each other, but the latter did not know that Harlee and James are a couple.

The promo for episode 5 shows Harlee panicking at the sight of Caroline lying on the ground. She tells Tess (Drea de Matteo) that she’s worried because her gun was used to kill Caroline. It seems that Harlee is telling the truth that she did not have anything to do with killing Caroline, but this will be quite difficult to prove.

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Elsewhere, Stahl will try to get close to Harlee’s teenage daughter, Cristina (Sarah Jeffery), so he could also track Harlee down. In the clip, the FBI agent gives Cristina a hard drive containing photos of her dad, Miguel (Antonio Jaramillo). But when Cristina uses it on her laptop, it is revealed that Stahl installed a camera on it. This means that he can watch Cristina and Harlee’s every move.

Meanwhile, Loman’s (Dayo Okeniyi) loyalties will be put to the test. After learning about Donnie’s (Michael Esper) death, Loman may team up with the other group to find out who killed him. Previously, it has already been made known that Wozniak (Ray Liotta) took Donnie’s life.

“Shades of Blue” Season 2, episode 5 will air on NBC on April 3 at 10 p.m. EST.