• Baby Doge Coin achieved another milestone
  • The achievement allowed Baby Doge Coin to leave Shiba Inu in the dust
  • BABYDOGE now trades at $0.000000003374 while SHIB trades at $0.00002926

Baby Doge, the meme coin created by Doge meme lovers to help save dogs, achieved a new milestone and reached a staggering 1.4 million-plus holders, leaving the popular dog-themed rival token Shiba Inu behind.

The official Twitter account of Baby Doge celebrated this new milestone with a tweet, featuring a 15-second video showcasing the Baby Doge on fire. "1.4 MILLION #BabyDoge holders! Incredible #BabyDogeArmy is the best community of 2022," read the tweet.

At the time of writing, BscScan data for BabyDoge revealed 1,403,016 holders while etherscan data showed 1,171,465 Shiba Inu holders. There is approximately over 200,000 difference between the number of holders of the two meme coins, showing that Baby Doge has left Shiba Inu behind when it comes to the number of holders.

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The same happened in January when holders of the Baby Doge coin hit at 1.32 million and the dog-themed coin managed to have an impressive rally during the December-January period when almost every coin was suffering.

BABYDOGE rallied by nearly 350% at the time and put Baby Doge Coin on the map. For a few days, the coin trended on the digital currency price and information data platform.

The DOGE-inspired coin has had an interesting past month. On Jan. 18, Coin Ex, the Hong Kong-based exchange, listed Baby Doge Coin and gave it the much-needed push to maintain its upward momentum.

On Jan. 27, Bitget Global, a Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange announced that its users can start trading Baby Doge Coin on its platform. On Feb. 3, Baby Doge Coin partnered with the German soccer club TSG Hoffenheim.

"TSG Hoffenheim is happy to be working together with such an innovative and leading brand like Baby Doge. We are excited and looking forward to a successful partnership, where we’ll bring an NFT collection from the club and other exciting projects to life," TSG CEO Denni Strich said announcing the collaboration.

On Feb. 9, Biconomy Global, one of the major Canadian cryptocurrency exchanges listed BABYDOGE on its platform.

Baby Doge Coin was trading down 0.93% at $0.000000003374 with a 24-hour volume of $10,977,229 as of 00:15 a.m. ET on Feb. 14, Coinmarketcap data showed.

Shiba Inu is trading up 1.37% at $0.00002926, with a 24-hours volume of $2,206,560,454.