• Howie Mandel gifted Simon Cowell a tricycle after the latter's bike accident
  • Heidi Klum encouraged fans to give Cowell more time as he recovers from the accident
  •  Kenan Thompson and Kelly Clarkson filled in for Cowell on "AGT" in the past weeks

Simon Cowell received a sweet gift from "America's Got Talent" judge Howie Mandel after suffering injuries from a bike accident.

Cowell broke his back and had to undergo a six-hour surgery earlier this month after encountering an accident while testing his electric bike for the first time. The accident caused him to miss a few "AGT" appearances, and one of his fellow judges wanted to cheer Cowell up.

Mandel supports Cowell's interest in cycling, but this time, to keep the latter safe, he sent him a tricycle. The music mogul showed off the gift, which came equipped with a basket, on Instagram on Saturday.

"This just arrived at my house! Thank you @howiemandel," he wrote.

Cowell's followers expressed their approval of Mandel's gift and wished him well on his recovery.

"Ha ha ha ha will suit u enjoy and try not to fall off," one commented.

"NOW U DONT HAVE TO USE THE ELECTRIC ONE AGAIN," another follower wrote with a heart emoji.

"Did you sit in that basket [laughing emoji] wish you well in your recovery," a third Instagram user commented.

When "AGT" judges spoke with Entertainment Tonight after Tuesday's episode, Mandel confessed that he already misses having Cowell on the show.

"I know for sure he is watching the show," he added.

Meanwhile, Heidi Klum spoke about the possibility of Cowell joining them in the "AGT" Season 15 semi-finals, which will happen in a few weeks.

"Let's give him another minute," Klum told ET. "He's had about a half a minute. I mean it's been one week and he's already at home, I think that's absolutely incredible. So, you know, I would say let's give him another week and let's see how far he is then.”

Following the accident, Kenan Thompson and Kelly Clarkson were tapped to fill in for Cowell and join Mandel, Klum, Sofia Vergara and Terry Crews on "America's Got Talent" Season 15. The singer was delighted with the opportunity to join the reality talent competition and even joked that Cowell should take his time as she was willing to fill in for him.

"I have waited years for this. I love Simon, but I'm getting really used to this chair, buddy," Clarkson said. "I'm just saying, take your time. I could use another job."

Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell attends the 'America's Got Talent' Season 13 Live Show at Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California, on Aug. 14, 2018. Getty Images/Frazer Harrison