The Sims 4
"The Sims 4" was released a year ago, and publisher Electronic Arts created an infographic to celebrate. EA

On Wednesday “The Sims 4” publisher Electronic Arts released an infographic to celebrate the game's one-year anniversary. The stats were interesting, and most importantly show just how closely EA tracks players’ every move.

Also, in a post on the Sims website, developer Maxis thanked fans for playing, saying that they have “so much great stuff planned,” including a new expansion titled “The Sims 4: Get Together.”

The infographic itself shows that 93 million Sims were created in the year, which is apparently the equivalent of the populations of Spain, Canada and Sweden combined.

Players also had sex, known in-game as “woohoo-ing,” 235 million times, and tried for babies 165 million times.

The countries with the most players is the United States, United Kingdom and Germany.

As Maxis put it in the statement, “Wow, time really flies when you’re playing with life!”

Check out the infographic below. Do you play “The Sims 4”? What do you think of the infographic? Tell us in the comments.

The Sims 4 Infographic
Electronic Arts created this "The Sims 4" infographic for the games' first-year anniversary. EA