Pools are now available in "The Sims 4." Courtesy/EA

Electronic Arts Inc. launched its latest update for the life simulation game “The Sims 4” on Tuesday, and the new content lets players own pools in their homes, a feature that was missing at the game’s launch in early September. If they so choose, players can drown their Sims in the pools.

“For months now, we’ve been talking with you about Build mode and just how easy it is to create homes. All that great technology has now been applied to pools, making pool building faster and easier than ever before,” EA said on Tuesday in a blog post.

Pools can now be created on any area of player homes, including the roof and backyard.

EA said players were angry with the developer for excluding the feature at the game’s Sept. 2 launch, for a somewhat sinister reason.

“When our players are asking for pools, they’re not just asking for the ability to take their Sims swimming or to jump in. What they really want is the ability to drown their Sims,” producer Ryan Vaughan told IBTimes last month. “I’m impressed by the ideas that people have and the creativity they put into their stories and the games they have.”

After the launch of the game for the PC, a number of players went online to express their dissatisfaction. Critics were not allowed to review “The Sims 4” before its release, and gamers were largely disappointed with the title at its launch due to its missing features, especially swimming pools and ghosts. EA responded quickly, adding ghosts in October and now promising pools in the November update.